No Piracy.

We do not condone piracy of any kind. Asking for, providing or discussing illegal download links is not allowed in our communities.

Purchasing legitimate game copies, through the PlayStation Store or through acquiring game discs, and using those copies with RPCS3 is the best way to ensure you will have a clean copy that will work with the emulator. You can use your legal copies with RPCS3 by following the instructions in our Quickstart guide.

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Core Logo

The core logo is used as the main icon for the RPCS3 executable. It is also used as the favicon for the website in addition to rich embed previews for rich embed capable applications such as Discord. We provide this icon in 3 styles and in .PNG, .PSD and .SVG file formats for maximum usability and scalability at 4096 x 4096 pixels.

Minimal Logo

The minimal logo is used in discrete branding instances for quick recognition. It is used as the global home button for the website, presentations and screenshot / video watermarks. We provide this icon in 3 styles and in both .PNG and .SVG file formats for maximum usability and scalability at 4096 x 4096 pixels.

Full Logo

Similarly to the minimal logo, the full logo is the orginal logo and is used in spacious branding instances. It is primarily used in presentations and screenshot / video watermarks. We provide this icon in 3 styles and in both .PNG and .SVG file formats for maximum usability and scalability at 5000 x 1095 pixels.


Our color palette stems from the usage of colors on the website. We have 3 levels of light purple used for lighter themes, 3 levels of dark purple for darker themes and 3 signifying colors used for links, errors and warnings. While we do not limit ourselves to these colors specifically, we do aim to keep are colors as consistent as possible throughout or branding.


HEX #686DE0

RGB rgb(104, 109, 224, 1)

HSL hsl(238deg, 66%, 65%)

CMYK 54, 51, 0, 12

Deep Purple

HEX #4E34C9

RGB rgb(78, 52, 201, 1)

HSL hsl(251deg, 59%, 50%)

CMYK 61, 74, 0, 21

Deepest Purple

HEX #2E1F78

RGB rgb(46, 31, 120, 1)

HSL hsl(250deg, 59%, 30%)

CMYK 62, 74, 0, 53


HEX #212947

RGB rgb(33, 41, 71, 1)

HSL hsl(227deg, 37%, 20%)

CMYK 54, 42, 0, 72

Deep Midnight

HEX #191F36

RGB rgb(25, 31, 54, 1)

HSL hsl(228deg, 37%, 16%)

CMYK 54, 43, 0, 79

Deepest Midnight

HEX #111525

RGB rgb(17, 17, 37, 1)

HSL hsl(228deg, 37%, 11%)

CMYK 54, 43, 0, 85


HEX #03A9F4

RGB rgb(3, 169, 244, 1)

HSL hsl(199deg, 98%, 49%)

CMYK 99, 31, 0, 5


HEX #FF3434

RGB rgb(255, 52, 52, 1)

HSL hsl(0deg, 100%, 62%)

CMYK 0, 80, 80, 0



RGB rgb(255, 159, 67, 1)

HSL hsl(30deg, 100%, 63%)

CMYK 0, 38, 74, 0

Press Kit

Our press kit is an amalgamation of all of the assets previewed on this page and more in a single package. It enables those who wish to promote the project and its development through high-quality digital media. We provide high-resolution assets such as our logo in 3 iterations, our supported operating systems, supported CPU and GPU hardware, rendering backends and much more.

Flaticon Licensing

This website uses free icon sets found on provided by The Flaticon and Freepik licensing allows us to use for free, any of Flaticon contents for our projects as long as we attribute to the author in the definitive project.

How to attribute contents?
• For web usage: By placing a link with the text "designed by {Author's Name} from Flaticon" in a visible spot, so the author's authorship is noticeable.
• Uses different to web: If possible, the text "designed by {Author's Name} from Flaticon" must be written next to Flaticon Contents, if it's not possible, the attribution must be placed in the credits or acknowledgements section.

Where you can use Flaticon contents:
• Website, software, applications, mobile and multimedia
• Printed and digital media (magazines, newspapers, books, cards, labels, CD, television, video, e-mail).
• Advertisement and promotional items.
• Presentation of products and public events.

What you can do:
• You have the non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to use the licensed material an unlimited number of times in any and all media for the commercial or personal purposes listed above.
• You may alter and create derivative works.
• You can use Flaticon Contents during the rights period world widely.

What you can not do:
• Sublicense, sell or rent any contents (or a modified version of them).
• Distribute Flaticon Contents unless it has been expressly authorized by Flaticon.
• Include Flaticon Contents in an online or offline database or file.
• Offering Flaticon Contents designs (or modified Flaticon Contents versions) for download.

We attribute each icon set that we use on the website for the following creators:
• The 3D Printing pack by Freepik.
• The Basic Application pack by Freepik.
• The Material Design pack by Creative Commons 3.0 BY.
• The Essential Compilation pack by Smashicons.
• The Font Awesome pack by Dave Gandy.
• The Internet of Things pack by Bqlqn.
• The BigMug Line pack by Catalin Fertu.
• The Computer Hardware pack by Vitaly Gorbachev.